Application of AR Audio and Video Machine

1. Protective film and masking tape (application for VR front case)

2. TP back glue adhesive and foam rubber (sealing and bonding between VR front case and cover plate of VR)

3. EVA liner and double coated adhesive tape ( application of structural shell for supporting and cushioning function)

4. Heat sink and thermally conductive silicone (using motherboard chip for heat dissipation)

5. Sliding keypad adhesive, PVC (application of button rotation bonding and padding)

6.   Dust-proof net, shading masking tape

7.   PVC high-viscosity double-sided adhesive ( application of eye mask PC bonding)

8.   Double-sided adhesive tape, foam, lens protective film (application of lens peripheral bonding and sealing buffer)

9.   PU high-viscosity double-sided adhesive (application of eye mask foam and leather products)