Protective film and tape products are more and more widely used in industrial electronics and in every aspect of daily life. Such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, VR audio and video, cars, smart watches and so on.

Our advantage is to provide customers with one-stop service from formulating, coating, laminating, slitting, printing, die cutting to finished product shipment, which can better develop products, control quality, and reach deadlines.

In order to achieve the success of comprehensive development, we have been continuously surpassing our existing achievements, expanding the investment of the research and development team, so that customers can enjoy competitive prices and worry-free one-stop services, and become the overall adhesive functional material Solution provider.


We develop and produce surface protection materials such as optical-grade protective films, process protective films, and functional tapes, which can meet the specific application needs of customer products. At the same time, we will design solutions based on the characteristics of customers’ products and purchase the most suitable materials, such as 3M, TESA, NITTO, SKC and other companies.

Adhesive materials include acrylic foam tape, double-sided tape, transfer tape and reusable fastening tape. We will recommend the most suitable material according to the customer’s product environment, function, use, and CAD drawing.

Many products and applications require a wide variety of sealing elements. Such as air washer, waterproof washer, dust washer, liquid gas washer, electromagnetic interference washer, radio frequency interference washer, light shielding washer, etc.

Today’s electronic consumer products are designed to eliminate or reduce electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference to ensure the safety, reliability and long-term stability of electronic equipment. YIDAXING manufactures and manufactures electromagnetic and radio frequency shielding components and shielding materials to protect and prevent damage.

As electronic devices become smaller and more sophisticated, they need to manage heat more efficiently. Yidaxing focuses on the development and research of various thermally conductive material solutions, such as phase change materials, thermally conductive tapes, thermal insulators, thermally conductive space fillers, radiators, insulating gaskets and silicone compounds.

Electronic products, automotive products, and computer products have a wide range of requirements for cushioning and shock-absorbing materials. YIDAXING can provide products such as foam tape, cushioning pads, etc. that are most suitable for your application to solve noise, building and cushioning problems.

Yidaxing not only produces flexible electrical insulation materials to prevent the flow of current, but also produces conductive materials to provide a conductive path for current flow. Material properties include: high dielectric strength, environmental protection and ROHS requirements, fire resistance, high temperature resistance, and durability.

The filter material can isolate dust, dirt, moisture and other pollutants when sound and air pass through. Compared with mechanical ventilation, the ventilation material has a clear advantage, that is, it can reduce the internal pressure and moisture condensation while forming a breathable seal, thereby eliminating the need for physical ventilation.

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