Application of Television

  1. PC decorative board, light-shielding tape (application of LED front shell decoration)
  2. Hard foam, reinforcement board (application of LED front shell to increase sealing)
  3. Double-sided adhesive tape ( application of LED front shell and decorative parts)
  4. Double-sided tape, VHB foam and buffer foam rubber strip (application TP box to be glued and sealed)
  5. Protective film and easy tear sticker (application of LED screen protection)
  6. Silicone rubber pad (apply 0the bottom of the corner seat)
  7. Black and white adhesive, masking tape, reflective sheet (application module light bar, backlight module)
  8. Heat sink, silicone (using motherboard chip cooling)
  9. High temperature resistant tape, double-sided tape (adhesive with metal shield)
  10. Conductive adhesive, double-sided adhesive (using FPC bonding)
  11. Thermally conductive adhesive, conductive adhesive (application motherboard cooling)
  12. High temperature resistant tape (application of structural pillar bonding)
  13. Silicone, double-sided tape, foam tape