A letter to all employees

Entering Shenzhen Yidaxing Technology Co., Ltd. does not mean super high salary system. The company determines compensation based on contribution and treatment based on responsibility. We are very sorry for new hires because there are no records and promotion is relatively slow. But if you are a person who is good at learning from and cooperating with others, you can grow on the foundation provided by others, then your ability will be improved very quickly, and your promotion will be fast. If you close yourself and do not communicate with the people around you, you are always worried about drowning your own results and are unwilling to share and help others. This will grow very slowly and delay the growth. Lost meaning in collective wisdom and growth.

Opportunities are always biased towards progressive workers. You need to start with the basic work and lay the foundation to display the basic skills. The company will not select a person who can’t even do basic things to take the lead. In accordance with the principle of gradual progress, every link and every step has great meaning to your life. Don’t lose time.

I hope you lose the quick fantasy, you want to improve the benefits and treatment, and only by focusing on a limited work surface can you be successful and successful. You have to take any job you have in your hands very seriously, study hard, discover interest, and gradually accumulate your performance record, and put forward your opinions and suggestions systematically and analytically. It is necessary to analyze the actual situation in depth and concretely, and to find a solution to the problem in a certain link. Do it in a down-to-earth manner and do it bit by bit. Practice has transformed people, and it has fully tested your talents and knowledge. Only when the shortcomings are continuously exposed and continuously improved will you continue to improve.

You may sometimes feel that the company is not completely fair and just, and you expect things to go sometimes but not as you wish. Absolute fairness is not there. Don’t be gas-barred. Opportunities are always equal to those who work hard. As long as you work hard, your talents will be understood and recognized by colleagues, leaders, and the company. We must stand the test of being wronged when we do a good deed. Accepting the challenge of destiny, perseveringly moving forward, without a certain tolerance, and without suffering many times, how can it become a pillar of talent. The fate of a person is in his own hands. There will be errors in the evaluation of life, but it will never be reversed.

Some of the company’s systems and management may still be unreasonable, and we will continue to make corrections to make them more reasonable and complete. Respect your colleagues and current leaders. Although you may be capable or even stronger, your subordinates will not respect you in the future. After the Yangtze River pushes forward, the blue is better than the blue, and young people are always better. Be strict with yourself, be generous with others, adhere to the truth, and be good at using criticism and self-criticism to improve yourself and help others. Not only learn to do things, but also learn to be a person with a high sense of responsibility.

The company’s progress mainly depends on your work performance. The company will carry out various education and training activities in a planned manner, hoping to help you improve and improve yourself. The company provides you with some basic life services, which may not be detailed enough to meet your requirements, and we apologize for this. At the same time, I also hope that you can cherish resources, develop good habits of saving, and become a noble person and respected person.

The rapid development of the company urgently requires dedicated employees, and we hope that you will accelerate the absorption of advanced technology and excellent management experience, continue to accelerate refinement, and jointly create a better future for the company.