Vehicle Cars/ Motorcycles Label

Car labels are also called car decals, car logos, and car stickers, which are divided into car decals and motorcycle decals.

Its process is aftering the computer inputs the vector or pixel image into the machine, the machine prints or screens the color ink on the transparent or white base film by inkjet or silk screen technology according to the graphics, and then cuts and forms along the pattern edge through the knife plate;


Material: polymer PVC outdoor special adhesive stickers, various colors, there are many choices, such as ordinary, noctilucent, metal reflective, laser reflective, metal drawing and so on. It has excellent abrasion resistance, conformability, acid and alkali resistance, weather resistance, chemical stability, excellent inking and other properties.


Decals and color changes for bicycles, electric bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

Die Cuting

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Rotary Printing Machine Parameter

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What are the printing products strengths?

Quality Assurance

Complete laboratory and testing equipment, which can perform various performance and appearance tests on the product.

Professional Printing Team

Professional printing operator teams; Assure the printing skills and right color, printing is clear even for very samll front or pattern.

One-stop Service

One-stop service from typesetting-film output-die making-printing-die cutting-inspection-packaging


Sample delivery within three days; Bulk Production delivery 7-15 days