Mobile phone application

  1. Protective film; easy to tear (off-screen)
  2. OCA; AB glue (in the application screen)
  3. TP adhesive (screen mask applied)
  4. Black adhesive tape; double-sided adhesive tape (application module light bar)
  5. Double-sided adhesive; high temperature resistant adhesive (application module PCB)
  6. Double-sided adhesive; conductive adhesive (application of FPC)
  7. Double-sided adhesive (application module frame bonding)
  8. TP adhesive; Foam (adhesive sealing in middle frame)
  9. Double-sided adhesive; conductive adhesive (application of FPC)
  10. Dust screen; foam; double-sided tape (apply front camera)
  11. Double-sided adhesive; thermal adhesive (application of FPC)
  12. Double-sided tape; Foam (application of antenna bonding and sealing)
  13. Silicone; Double-sided tape; Foam (apply rear camera)
  14. Heat sink; Foam; Adhesive (application chip cooling)
  15. Shielding tape; black and white adhesive (application of FPC)
  16. High temperature resistant tape; self-adhesive silk screen (application battery)
  17. Easy-pull adhesive (easy to peel off when applying battery and back cover)
  18. Foam; double-sided tape (adhesion applied to the back cover)
  19. Double-sided frame adhesive; foam (adhesive with back cover)
  20. Graphite sheet; copper (application of heat dissipation)
  21. Heat sink; heat sink (application of heat dissipation)