Application of Automotives

  1. Masking tape (should be painted with bumper paint)
  2. Masking test tape (should be masked by spray paint on the front shell edge)
  3. Separated spray paint masking tape
  4. Fixing tape (fixed with windshield)
  5. Repair masking tape (apply body repair masking)
  6. VIN label (apply vehicle door label)
  7. Labeling (application of vehicle door position labeling)
  8. Interior protection (application of vehicle interior protection)
  9. Plugging holes (applying plugging holes around the vehicle shell)
  10. Foam glue (applied to the periphery of vehicle trim)
  11. Foam (applied to rearview mirror and base bonding)
  12. Hot-melt tape (adhesive by seat heating pad)
  13. High-adhesive tape (applied with felt in the car)
  14. Covering adhesive tape (application of vehicle headpiece tube covering and bonding)
  15. Waterproof tape (application of vehicle roof bonding)