Smart watch application

  1. High-viscosity double-sided adhesive tape
  2. TP double-sided tape, TP protective film (application of watch TP glass inner frame and appearance)
  3. Camera foam, double-sided tape (using the camera’s built-in camera bonding)
  4. Double-sided tape, foam (applied around the vibration motor)
  5. FPC double-sided adhesive (application of PCB edge bonding)
  6. Mylar tape, foam (application of metal shielding cover)
  7. Colored tape (apply watch PBC version waterproof test)
  8. Heat sink (using watch PCB board for heat dissipation)
  9. Camera adhesive, protective film (apply camera bonding)
  10. Graphite sheet, copper foil (application board built-in heat dissipation)
  11. Back frame foam tape (back frame edge sealing buffer applied)
  12. Graphite sheet (remove the battery interface of the rear frame)
  13. Foam (supported by the inner frame of the structure)
  14. Dust-proof net (applied with rear speaker bonding)
  15. Mylar, high temperature resistant tape (apply insulation around the battery, temperature resistant)