Social Responsibility

As an organization, the company should take responsibility for the society and conduct business development in a way that is conducive to social development and progress. YDX has always not only focused on the immediate short-term interests, but also on all aspects, based on commercial operations. Think about “how to do better” and continuously make ourselves more efficient and economical to achieve sustainable development for all stakeholders, including society, the environment and business.


inside company

Responsibilities to shareholders, investors, moral responsibilities in the duties of the board of directors, independent directors and the board of supervisors, responsibilities of managers and the company’s responsibility to employees.


Outside the company

Responsibility to customers, meet customer needs, ensure that their publicity is true and reasonable, timely delivery, and quality assurance.

To the responsibility of the supplier, strictly enforce the contract with the upstream company.

Responsibility to competitors, fair competition, abandon unfair competition, refusal to slander.

Responsible for the government and community, abide by national laws and regulations, pay taxes in accordance with regulations, protect the natural environment, and provide social employment resources. Support community building and oppose all forms of discrimination.


Environmental policy

Comply with regulations, make good use of resources, and product environmental protection;Energy saving and consumption reduction, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction.


Hazardous Substance Management Policy

Design green products and purchase environmentally friendly materials; continuously improve process control and produce green harmless substance products.

Environmental goals and indicators

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