Tablet application

  1. Protective film; Easy tear sticker, OCA, AB glue (outside the screen, inside the screen)
  2. Conductive adhesive (application of FPC small PCB board)
  3. Double-sided adhesive (adhesive with ground FPC)
  4. Light-shielding film, diffuser (application of LED backlight, display)
  5. VHB adhesive, TP adhesive (application of middle frame and TP cover)
  6. Dust-proof foam
  7. Light-shielding tape, reinforcing plate (application of TP peripheral reinforcement to block light)
  8. Double-sided tape, PVC (frame card slot adhesive seal in application)
  9. Conductive foam, conductive adhesive (application of motherboard and PCB ground conductive buffer)
  10. Thermally conductive silica gel, graphite sheet, copper
  11. Double-sided tape (using FPC antenna)
  12. High temperature resistant tape, graphite sheet (application battery module)
  13. Silicone, double-sided tape, foam
  14. Double-sided tape, foam (back shell top bracket applied)
  15. Dust-proof net (using horn receiver)