Our Culture

Talent Personnel Concept

Employees are the most valuable resource for YDX’s development.

Employees is one of the core competitiveness of YDX’s development.

Creating a platform for employees is one of YDX’s missions.


The company and its employees are always mutually complementary. Because of the employees, the company grows stronger and stronger. Because of the platform of the company, the employees can give full play to their talents and realize the value and dream of their work.

A LETTER TO ALL EMPLOYEES, Let us maintain a responsible, practical and willing, progressive, hard-working and innovative culture.


Our Activities

The growth of the company is inseparable from the participation and hard work of every staff.

YDX has always maintained a vigorous and vigorous spirit, showing respect for mutual trust, fulfilling its duties, learning and innovation, quick response, proactive service, and pursuit Perfect spirit.