QualityManagement System

Quality management capabilities

Implement the management measures of “Four points, strict entry and strict exit”, and realize the quality strategy of “winning by quality and becoming the industry benchmark enterprise”.

Strict Entry

Strictly Control the Quality of Raw Materials

*Review supplier and material certification & introduction.

*Examining income links.

Four Points

Manage “R & D & Manufacturing Process Quality”

*IT management; *Production automation *Staff specialization;

*Key position staff stability.

Strict Exit

Strictly Control the Quality of Goods Shipped

*Strict inspection and control of factory quality.

*Strict foolproof measures to effectively block outflows of products that do not meet shipping requirements.

Skilled Systems Management

a. There is a complete product traceability system Shop-Floor Control system, which can be monitored and traced in real time from the expected to the shipment.

b. From the beginning to the shipment, each process strictly complies with the SOP to better control the product quality.

Quality Plan Improvement and Activities


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 14001:2015


Professional Equipment

*All operating procedures are carried out in a class 1000 dust-free workshop to ensure the cleanliness and high quality of the product;
*With imported advanced micro gravure and comma automatic coating equipment and Fusion UV cationic curing machine.
*The online defect detector performs online voids and particles detection during the coating production process.
*Dust-free workshop environmental tests are performed and recorded daily.


Learn more about YDX first-class Quality Testing Equipment:

Through first-class testing equipment, scientific and accurate product material performance testing to ensure the quality of products shipped

In each process management of the product, advanced and precise testing equipment is usaged to control the quality of the product. For example, FT-IR infrared spectrometer is usaged for component analysis, RoHS detector is usaged for environmental protection monitoring, tensile testing machine is usaged for viscosity monitoring, contact angle meter is usaged for water drop angle test, and horizontal and vertical combustion test machine is usaged for flame retardancy test.

Usage: To detect the transmittance and haze of materials

Usage: To detect the content of chemical liquid raw materials

Usage: To detect surface defects and surface characteristics of materials

Usage: to detect the refractive index of chemical liquid raw materials

Usage: Detect the moisture content of chemical raw materials

Usage: Detect tape product simulation environment test and extreme environment test

Purpose: To detect the peeling force of the protective film

Usage: To detect surface defects of thin film products on the production line

Usage: To detect the silicon coating amount of release paper / film

Usage: Detect heavy metals and halogen content in materials

Usage: To detect the initial adhesion of protective film