Adhesive Tapes-Double Coated Tape Series

Good Initial Tack and Holding Tack, Easy to Die Cut.

Tissue Paper Substrate Double Coated Tape

High-viscosity tissue paper double-sided tape is based on tissue paper and is widely used in 3C products.

It has high viscosity strength, high holding force, high shear force, and excellent maneuverability in laminating and punching. Its acrylic adhesive is suitable for various MSE surface lamination.


It is suitable for the adhesion and fixation of TV sets, picture tubes, speaker networks and speakers.

Die Cutting


13 years of R & D and production of industrial electronic materials 
8 advanced coating equipment
Class 1000 (Class 100) clean room
Average daily production capacity over 300,000 square meters

What are our strengths?

International Authority Certification

Use of internationally renowned raw material merchants Guaranteed quality and product performance

Quality Assurance

Strict online testing equipment System quality control process Precision quality testing equipment.

International Authority Certification

ISO 9001: 2015
ISO14001: 2015
OHS 18001: 2011


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