Optical Protective Film

Optical protective film refers to coating one or more dielectric films or metal films or a combination of these two types of films on optical PET to change the transmission characteristics of light waves, including light projection, reflection, absorption, scattering, Polarization and phase change.

YDX–Huizhou Qinzhou Jianzhi Optical Material Co., Ltd. owns an industrial park with an area of 40,000 square meters. It has introduced a number of high-precision coating production lines from Japan and South Korea to build a thousand-level (100-level) dust-free workshop and implement a quality control system In order to provide customers with high-quality optical films, protective films and tape products, we will continue our efforts and advance.

Three-layer protective film coating process

Hard Coating Process

Using Layer Silicone Coating Process

Upper Protective Layer Coating Process

Production Capacity

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Die Cuting

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13 years of R & D and production of industrial electronic materials 
8 advanced coating equipment
Class 1000 (Class 100) clean room
Average daily production capacity over 300,000 square meters

What are our strengths?

International Authority Certification

Use of internationally renowned raw material merchants Guaranteed quality and product performance

Quality Assurance

Strict online testing equipment System quality control process Precision quality testing equipment.

International Authority Certification

ISO 9001: 2015
ISO14001: 2015
OHS 18001: 2011


Worry-free customer service throughout Respond quickly to customer needs Samples made within 48 hours (stock materials) Customized products and services