Huizhou Qinzhou Jianzhi Optical Material Co.,ltd

Address: Zhongkai High Technology Zone
Linlin Town, Yingguang Village, Huizhou City
Guangdong Province, China 516000

Tel: +86 0752 3890956
Fax: +86 0755 3890958


Brief Introduction

Year of Establishment: 2015
Area: 40,000m²
Number of Employees: 180
Main Products:    Optical Protective Films
                            Process Protective Films
                            Industrial Adhesive Tapes 
                            Rotary and Screen Printing Products 
Factory Audit:      ISO9001:2015
Main Equipment: Coating Line * 8 Lines
                            Rotary Printing Machine* 2 Sets
                            Screen Printing Machine* 8 Sets
                            Die-cutting machines * 10 Sets