Adhesive Tapes-Conductive Tape Series

Low Surface Impedance, High Electromagnetic Shielding.

Omni-directional conductive Foam Tape

The omnidirectional conductive foam tape is formed by plating the surface of a highly conductive PU sponge, and then compounding it with a hot-melt adhesive and a conductive substrate (usually a conductive cloth).

X-Y-Z has conductivity in all directions and high bonding strength. Appearance features gray, covered with release paper, easy die cutting, punching, small parts pasting.

It has good compressibility and resilience, which is conducive to filling a large space, and can also play a role in dispersing and consuming impact force. The thickness can be selected from 0.5-3.5mm.


Shock buffering and electromagnetic shielding of electronic products, conductive connection, grounding and other places;

Typical applications include communications equipment, computers, network terminals, automatic control equipment, consumer electronics and mobile phones.

Die Cutting