Process Protective Film Series

It Has Excellent Applicability, and can Provide Customized Products Such as Roll Material or Further Die Cutting and Punching.

Acrylic Protective Film

The product is mainly composed of polyester film and polyacrylate adhesive.

This product has excellent adhesion and excellent weather resistance. Customized products such as coils or further die-cutting and punching can be provided.

Meet environmental requirements. Widely used in plastic, glass, metal parts, glass panels, etc.

* Good adhesion performance, stronger holding force, no adhesive residue;

* Good high and low temperature resistance, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance;

* Good weather resistance, can be re-laminated without residual glue;

* Compliant with environmental requirements (ROHS and halogen).

* For different product surfaces, the glue performance can be customized.

acrylic protective film

ApplicationAdhesion (g/25mm)Characteristic
Glass5-10High temperature resistance of 180 ℃ per hour, meeting the requirements of 3D glass processing environment. Easy to process, no residue, no silicon.
Cover Transfer Protection3-5Anti-static, high temperature, high humidity, no residue, no silicon.
Sheet Metal5-8The material has strong hardness, large area contact with stable tearing force, good adhesion, no edge warping, no rebound.
Camera Module600-1200Fully shaded blue, high adhesion, strong adhesion of ultra-narrow frame, no glue residue in high temperature and humidity test.
Smart Home 1000-2000Multi-color and custom pattern selection, super high adhesion, no adhesive residue, strong adhesion, good weather resistance.
Die Cutting Processing10-20Multi-color, thickness and adhesion options, no residue, strong processing performance.


* Shelf life is six months after sale.

* The tape should be stored in a dark place without direct sunlight and heat sources.                                                  The storage conditions are 23 ± 5 ℃ and 50 ± 10% humidity.

Usage Attention:

* Remove dirt, dust, oil stains, and moisture from objects before sticking.
* Do not stick it repeatedly. Keep it stuck for several hours after sticking. * Do not stick directly on bumps, rough surfaces and human bodies.
* When using, ask the user to judge whether the product is suitable for the purpose and use it after testing.
* If you have any other questions, please contact us.



For glass, acrylic, sapphire, PC and other flat or slightly curved display panel surface protection;

Mobile phones, Ipads, laptops, game consoles and other glass covers with scratch-proof and explosion-proof protection, dazzling textured substrates;

Car GPS display (anti-reflection, anti-reflection and brightening, anti-glare).


13 years of R & D and production of industrial electronic materials 
8 advanced coating equipment
Class 1000 (Class 100) clean room
Average daily production capacity over 300,000 square meters

What are our strengths?

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Use of internationally renowned raw material merchants Guaranteed quality and product performance

Quality Assurance

Strict online testing equipment System quality control process Precision quality testing equipment.

International Authority Certification

ISO 9001: 2015
ISO14001: 2015
OHS 18001: 2011


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