Optical Protective Film Series

2.5D / 3D curved mobile phone screen protection, IPAD, laptop, game console and other touch screen and glass cover protection.

2.5D/3D glass protective film

With the advancement of technology, more and more brand mobile phones have adopted full-screen mobile phones with under-screen fingerprint unlocking.

The existing mobile phone protective film on the market is also required to have a 2.5d or 3D shape after hot-press molding, which cannot affect the technical points of the normal operation of the fingerprint unlocking function under the screen.

The 2.5D and 3D protective film is heated by an IMD hot-press molding machine through a baking sheet to heat the PET sheet, and then pressed into the mold to form. After cooling, it becomes an arc film.

* Suitable for 2.5D / 3D curved screens with different radians, easy to form without bounce;

* Has good impact resistance and foreign body engulfing performance;

* Ultra-high-viscosity silicone can be used for AF screen plating, automatic air bubble removal;

* New technology, integrating UV protection, anti-blue light, anti-glare, anti-fatigue eye protection, fingerprint unlock sensor, etc.

* Producted in a class 100 dust-free workshop, and the viscosity can be customized according to customer requirements.

2.5D 3D glass protective film

ItemUnitEigenvaluesTesting Method
ApperanceNo impurities, offset printing, etc.Visually
Transmittance%>93%ASTM D 1003
Haze%0.72ASTM D 1003
Rainbow PatternNoISO 12647
Peeling ForcegCustomisedPeeling force machine
Upper Protective Layer Tearing ForcegCustomisedPeeling force machine
Release Film Tearing ForcegCustomisedPeeling force machine
Interlayer ForcegCustomisedPeeling force machine
HardnessHCustomisedASTM D3363
Adhesion of Hardened Layer5BASTM D3359
Abrasion Resistance(1000g/time)> 300 cycles without scratchASTM D4060
Water Drop Angle108Water Drop Angle Tester
Water Drop Angle after Abrasion105Water Drop Angle Tester
Boiled Test100℃/HourOK


* Shelf life is six months after sale.

* The tape should be stored in a dark place without direct sunlight and heat sources.                                                  The storage conditions are 23 ± 5 ℃ and 50 ± 10% humidity.

Usage Attention:

* Remove dirt, dust, oil stains, and moisture from objects before sticking.
* Do not stick it repeatedly. Keep it stuck for several hours after sticking. * Do not stick directly on bumps, rough surfaces and human bodies.
* When using, ask the user to judge whether the product is suitable for the purpose and use it after testing.
* If you have any other questions, please contact us.



2.5D / 3D curved mobile phone screen protection, IPAD, laptop, game console and other touch screen and glass cover protection


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