Adhesive Tapes Series

Water Resistance, Sound Insulation, Heat Resistance, Thickness Resistance and Strong Adhesion.

AB Protective Film

AB protective film-special protective film for tempered glass, it is composed of three layers of PET film + two layers of glue, super transparent, ultra thin, super strong automatic exhaust.      

Mainly used in the bonding of plastic and plastic, plastic and glass, plastic and metal. It is double-coated glue, one side is highly viscous (acrylic), and the other side is low viscosity (silicone).   

(Otherwise: one side of OCA optical glue, one side of silicone rubber AB protective film) Acrylic glue (or optical glue) adheres to tempered glass, and silicone adheres to the screen.

* Ultra-thin: Because it is a touch screen, it needs to be ultra-thin to have better touch sensitivity.
* Ultra-fast automatic exhaust: Simplify the installation process, so that everyone can stick the film by themselves, and quickly go to market.
* High light transmittance is above 93%.
* No adhesive residue: the replacement of the tempered glass film will not cause adhesive residue, will not affect the original screen, has excellent re-glass performance, and will not leave adhesive residue on the LCD screen.
* Non-foaming: No bubbles will be generated automatically after using for a long time. Special silicone resin is used to naturally exclude air and prevent bubbles.
* No watermark: The optical adhesive layer is suitable for bonding glass, PET, PMMA and other materials without filming.
* Stability: After long-term use, it can achieve long-term stable and transparent results.

AB tape

ItemUnitEigenvaluesTesting Method
ApperanceNoneTransparent, Clean and Scratch-freeVisually
Base Film ThicknessmmCustomizedASTM D3652
OCA ThicknessmmCustomizedASTM D3652
OCA 180° Peer Forceg/25mmCustomizedASTM D3330
Silicone Adhesive ThicknessmmCustomizedASTM D3652
180° Peer Forceg/25mmCustomizedASTM D3330
Acid and Alkali ResistanceNoneGlass Surface, 10% HF*1 HourNone
Transmittance%>92.0GB/T 2410-2008
Haze%<1.0GB/T 2410-2008


Used for the bonding of touch panel and tempered glass;                                                                           
Protection of the surface of electronic screens such as mobile phones and tablets.


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Average daily production capacity over 300,000 square meters

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